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10 March 2009 @ 04:22 pm
Soup, Soup, Why Do You Suck?  

I'm determine to find a Harvest Delight soup that tastes good. It's one of the healthier cheap soup brands available, but somehow every flavor I buy is just....not worth a second purchase. So far, I've tried their Italian vegetable, their chicken and noodle, and...so other flavor that involves chicken and peppers and rice. Three bites, and I want my money back. :( Progresso, why do you have to be so high in sodium?

I bet the healthy soup tastes so bad BECAUSE it lacks ridiculous amounts of sodium. It must be a law that everything delicious needs to have way too much of something. Take the Keebler Club crackers I'm eating right not. DEL-LICIOUS. Healthy? No, just salty. And buttery, and, hmmm, wonderful. I bet in the Jetson universe, tasty, unhealthy food came with a disintegration sequence. You eat something bad for you, and even get to have that satisfying feeling of it going down your esophagus and into your stomach, but somehow the food is made in way that causes it to break down a certain amount of time after being exposed to saliva. But once it's broken down, it doesn't get absorbed into the body, instead it's released as...I dunno, GAS. So that, in the Jetson age, gluttons are no longer detected by health issues or obesity, but by farting a lot. 
And that's why there are no fat people in the Jetsons.  

 And all this relates to my soup dilemma. Obviously.

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