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17 March 2009 @ 06:23 am
Wha? Why'm I Up This Early?  
Last night I dreamed that my stepfather and I were watching the opening sequence to a documentary on the years of Will Smith's epic basketball career, in a world where he never made it as a film star. In it, Will Smith had crazy thick dreds and lost a international game with Canada, in which the winning team was given a wheelbarrow filled with a giant block of "zinc crystals". I know not whether it is indeed possible to obtain zinc in crystal form, and whether it is coveted by international basketball players. By Will Smith's aggrieved "Nooooo, Canada!" at the end of the clip from this game, I think it is. I can only talk about the opening sequence though, because the moment that it ended I woke up, and I'm kind of bummed about that. I would have really liked to have watched more about what my dream announcer called "the endless debate about who REALLY ran the hoops back when the Fresh Prince was President of the Courts."

Anyway, St. Patty's Day. Happy St. Patty's Day to all. I must go shower. I was asked to come into work at 8am today, and was advised not to make any plans until after 3am tomorrow. Upon hearing this, I thought what everyone who hears such must think: "Ooooh, I am going to make SO MANY TIPS."

Wish me luck, y'all.
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