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20 April 2011 @ 11:10 am
Motherhood and Me  
When I am around adults, I have no delusions about my personality, or the fact that I'm not really suited to motherhood. Much less single motherhood (though the reasons for the "single" in that is a whole other story). I am consciously self-centered, chafe under over familiarity, and am all around far too similar to my father to justify having kids. But every time I see a shy little kid, age eight or under, some part of my brain goes "So cuuuuuute! I want one!" Then, automatically, I begin to barter with myself. Like, maybe if I work on this, it'd make me capable of being like that; if I manage to accomplish this goal, it'd mellow me out enough to dp the mom thing. Uh huh, sure, lol.

Overall, I know better, and it shows as soon as the adorable little whosit goes home. I've looked into the idea of becoming a surrogate mother someday, so I can at least experience the process of pregnancy, which I've also always been curious about. I play with the idea every now and then, then forget about it for months at a time. I may do it in the next two or three years. Weird, I know, but it's something to think about whenever the path not chosen makes me wistful Anyway. . .

Today my English teacher brought his six-year-old son to class. So cuuuuuuute! I want one.

You Are 48% Selfish

You are quite balanced. You are able to compromise when it's in the best interests of those involved.

But you're no pushover. If something is important to you, you'll get it!

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