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05 March 2009 @ 10:35 am
My 13 year old puppy is being put down today. :( I just found out about three minutes ago. Bailey lives with my aunt Erin and Uncle Tim, so I didn't know that his hips and kidney problems had gotten that bad yet. Oh, but you might be wondering "Why do you call your aunt and uncle's dog yours?" Bailey started off as my immediate family's puppy until we had to move to a house that didn't allow dogs. Later, when we moved into a house that did, we talked about bringing Bailey back, but by that time he had already gotten very attached to Nikey, Erin and Tim's female lab. So,we left him with her, and Erin and Tim were thrilled because they loved Bailey too. Overall, I guess that Bailey has spent more of his life with them than with us, but we've still been refuring to him as "ours" and making jokes about sneaking him back home with us whenever we go up to see Erin and Tim. He was just such a good boy. Sweet, cuddly, mellow...wanted to be a lap dog, though god knows he's way too big.
He also had an intense fear of rabbits from back when he lived with us, and we also had this bitter, evil rabbit named Bugs. And Bugs, well, he was psycho little thing. He thought he was dog. He wouldn't let anyone hold him without a struggle, he bit, he ate out of the dog bowl...he even learned how to bark.Yes, bark. Bailey, I'm sure, initially wanted to eat that crazy bunny, but our other dog, Max, took a liking to Bugs. And whenever Bailey made a movement that was even slightly defensive when Bugs picked on him (Yes, the bunny picked on the dog), Max would charge in a put a strangle hold on Bailey's ear until Bailey just froze and gave up.

Bugs, by the way, later died a bitter old rabbit on our balcony years later. Supposedly of natural causes. Bailey went on to spend years with Nikey, lounging about Erin and Tim's house, spoiled by their children and friends and loved by everyone who laid eyes on him.

God, I'm going to miss him. :(
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As predicted, after a getting a bit more sleep, the joy at finally being able to drive has sank in. I'm free. I'm free! If I wake up starving in the middle of the night, I don't have to pilfer through what's left in the fridge, I can go to go out and get some french fries. When I need to go out shopping for a new pair of blue jeans (like I have since August), I don't need to structure my entire day around it because ZIP! I can now move throughout my day in a pace much faster that I did with the bus. Really, I don't think I've been this happy since I got a rave review from the hard-ass teacher in Novel Workshop.
Speaking of papers though, yesterday I FINALLY turned in those two human sexuality papers that I've been stressing over. And a part of me still refuses to believe just how difficult getting those papers printed turned out to be. Honestly, when I think back on it, I keep thinking, "No way, that's what they make up in TV shows to build frustration in characters. Doesn't happen in real life." Ooooh, but it did. 

Started with bringing my laptop to school so that I could finish writing the second of the two papers in the library during the 3 hour gap between Brit Lit and Human Sexuality. Normally I wouldn't, but now that I have a car I don't need to worry about gangsta looking guys on the bus following off at my stop and stealing it, so why not? I set myself up in the library and began working on a long-winded, detailed paper on the documentary film "Sex at 24 Frames Per Second" (a very good movie about the longstanding struggle between censorship and sexuality in film since the 1920s to present date), only to discover at 5:30 pm that my paper exceeded the maximum page limit. My class being at 6pm, I quickly rewrote the paper, finishing at 6:02. I spelled checked the paper, saved it to disk, packed up my laptop, and then headed over to the computer lab to print my two papers out. And let me just tell the rest of the story with bullet points:
  • Campus computer was slow. They're always slow, but last night they were particularly slow. And I say this with no exaggeration at all: the computer that I logged onto last night took five minutes to start, and another five minutes to open a simple word program.
  • Printing at my college costs five cents a page, and is charged by way of a certain card that is purchased from a machine in the computer lab. I had remembered to bring my card with me, but I didn't know that my second paper would run so long. I only had enough credit to print out one of my papers. 
  • Ran over to the student store, waited in line behind two people, only to find out at the front that the student store does not do cash backs.
  • Walked over to yet another building to use an ATM, which gave my two $20s.
  • Since the machine that dispenses printing cards only takes $1s, I went to one of the coffee stands that are set up through out campus. Waited in line behind another two gentlemen, only to find out when I got to the register that the cashier couldn't break $20.
  • Went back to the student store, waited behind three more people, and ended up with the new trainee cashier to help me with my change, who kept messing up with the one dollar bills and starting over again! As I was leaving, I heard the manager lecturing her.
  • Went back to the computer lab, bought a new printing card, logged back onto the nearest computer, accessed my second paper and ordered a print, and went to stand in line behind yet another two people to pay. Only to find out that the first guy in line had gotten his card stuck in the machine that extracts pay.
  • Went back to computer and tried to log on again to resend my paper to a different printer, but for some reason the computer couldn't access my settings.
  • Begged innocent person sitting next to me to let me print from her settings, only to accidentally send my printing order to the same printer in my panicked state.
  • Bothered the amazingly sweet girl on the computer next to me again to let me send my printing order to the right printer.
  • Finally got both papers printed and left the computer lab, only to realize outside my classroom door that I had left my textbook behind somewhere. Ran all the way back to the cafe, found it, then went to class.
  • Finally got to class at 6:35pm. >_<

Can anyone say "headache"? I was stressed out all through class, right up until I got in my car and started driving home--driving, such a beautiful thing. How can I hold onto frustration when I'm still in the honeymoon phase of my driving?

And also, I decided to get a head start on the two sexuality papers due next month so that I wont be foaming at the mouth next time. I need to two sex-related prompts that aren't similar to the two papers that I just finished. So, no documentaries, and nothing related to fetishes. If anyone who looks this way has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Or Eyes? Now then, I have a test on the history of cinema in about two hours, So. Time to shower and study.

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03 March 2009 @ 01:00 am

Four the last few days, I've been staying up until about 2 or 3 ish in the morning, which is pretty normal for me, but then getting up at 7 am. Not my best planning, but old habits die hard. On Friday I had an early driver's lesson before work, Saturday I had a mandatory employee meeting for St. Patrick's Day (we start prepping ourselves THAT early, lol), Sundays I usually get up at 7 anyway to work the brunch shift, and then todaaaaaaaay I had my driver's test. My third driver's test, to be specific...

AND I PASSED.  Yay! I'm a bit surprised, because to be honest, driving was by no means the top thing on my list of concerns for this week. I have two essays due tomorrow night (actually, TONIGHT, I guess, lol) that I needed to finish for human sexuality, not to mention a quiz in my Shakespeare Lit class, a quiz in my film class, tons of reading for British lit...just a bunch of academic ass pains. It still hasn't fully sank in that I'm now legally allowed to drive, but GOD does it feel good working towards it! Today I drove solo a total of three times, and it felt amazing. I didn't hit anyone. This seems like a very good sign. Also, when I took the test, Mom and Lee both surprised me at the DMV, which was very sweet of them. Once I get a good night's sleep, I'm sure I'll be as enthusiastic as they are.

But anyway...today I overheard some of the music from Brandon's new band, and it sounds good. And I really mean that. Not that I didn't like his music from before, but this time I REALLY like it. Want a copy like it. My brother's a kick ass musician.

Aaaaaaand, going back to the sleepeeeeeeness...I think I'm going to log off and crawl into bed. First thing in the morning I'm watching a documentary entitled Gay Sex in the 70s for research for one of the two papers I need to write. Last night I watched Sex at 24 Frames Per Second, which details the history of sex and censorship throughout the history of film---it was a GREAT movie. I absolutely loved it. BUT I know that it doesn't AUTOMATICALLY tie into the prompt of the paper. I know how to argue my case to show that it does relate to the prompt, but given the time restraints, I might need to shoot for an easier documentary/subject instead, lol.

But anyway, g'night.
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26 February 2009 @ 01:16 pm


It's been ages since I made my last post. My bad, lol. A friend of mine just started a new journal here, and it made me realize I've missed having this journal. It was fun. It let me record quizzes, write down little bits that I thought were funny in my life, rant about others that weren't so funny, etc. So I'm back. HI, EVERYONE!
I was just skimming through some of the entries on my friend's updates page, and it looks like I have quiet a bit of catching up to do. :o
But for now, I'll start by breaking my post-hiatus. SO...my life. Since I last wrote, a few thing happened, but it would take much too long to go into everything, so I'll just sum up the basics:

  • Work's still going well at the pub. The owner and his wife even known my name now. The three crushers from last year gradually drifted firmly into the friends-only zone, which is more than OK for me. I never liked the idea of dating someone I work with. Seems tricky, lol. Oh! But working election night of 2008? So great. Almost NO ONE came in, so the entire staff basicly kept making up excuses to walk by the tvs to see how the elections were going, until Megan finally just sat down at one of the tables. Then we all did. Obama won, hiz-ZAH!
  • Boy trouble hit pretty hard last summer. Sean and I were "sort of" involved for a little while, which I'm fairly regretful over. We were just better friends before, but what can you do? I was also involved with another guy that things are still kinda sticky with. Not sure what's going on there anymore, so I stopped trying to figure it out and opted for ignoring it. Admittedly not the best way to handle things, but since more mature methods haven't really worked with this particular person, I've decided I simply don't have the energy to keep up with him. Also had a VERY brief involvement with this guy, V, who I've since nick-named Smokey Mc-Smoke-Smoke. Care to guess why I dumped his ass, lol? I could go on about the ups and downs my 2008 romantic landscape, but I'll leave it there for now.
  • Friends: Eva's still in San Fransisco, though now rather than living on campus, she has her own place. I went up to visit her with Peter and Jennie a few months back, and her house is FABULOUS. It has a very strong 1970s feel to it, which is always awesome for a college home. I'll have to do another entry to fully detail just why I love Eva's house, but that's too long for this. Until later, just know that it is amazing up there, and I can't wait to go back. Sean is still in Nebraska. Laney is busy with her own college life and in love with San Diego (as she should be; never met a San Diego guy I didn't like), and Jennie and Peter are still Jennie and Peter.
  • College is...busy. There was a bit of a fuck up in my first semester that I didn't realize until last December, but in a nutshell, 6 of the units that I thought I had toward my transfer are actually ineffective, which meant that rather than being on schedule to transfer by next fall, I was actually behind. I took 15 units last fall, 3 units over winter break, and am now working on another 15 unit semester. I was originally going to be doing an 18 unit course load now, but I decided that I'd try doubling up on summer classes instead. Then I'll have another 15 unit semester next fall, and hopefully I'll be at SFSU by next Spring. Sleep is for the weak.
  • So is free time.
  • And finally, driving. I've taken the driver's test twice now, and came UNBELIEVABLY close to passing the second time, but failed because of an error made during a left turn that my instructor admitted most examiners would have excused, but that she didn't feel right doing so. I think that failing me was bull if that was the case, but all well. So, my next exam is March 2nd. We'll see how that goes. :)

And I think that's basically all the things I have to say about the last few months. Now then...since I was supposed to be editing my essay for British Literature after the 1800s, I think I should get back to that. Tootles everyone!

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21 May 2008 @ 11:16 am

I have one more day to go before the end of my first year of college. 

The hell? How'd that happen?

I've been in a kind of nod-only state for the past few days. I've got something weighing on my mind that I'm not quite sure how to go about because it's been a long time since I've had to deal with something like this. What is this thing, you might ask?

Wouldn't you like to know. ;)

But anyway, I'm studying for the written portion of my french exam, having taken and done as well as I would have expected on the oral portion last Monday. Then tomorrow, I'm up at the crack of dawn to take my math final, and I'm out...until summer classes start in June. But what I'm really looking forward to in the time between is working--is that weird? I'm really loving my job. Loving that I'm getting better at it, loving that everyone there seems to awesome, and loving that none of my friends have a job that's half as cool as mine. Ha, SUCK ON IT, guys!
Hahaha....that's mean. XD Sean's actually been looking for a job, though since he would only be around for a few months during the summer, I can't really help him get one at Muldoon's. The second he said he would be trying out for a bartending position, I knew he'd get shot down anyway. We've been getting at least two applications a week from would-be bartenders, some of them experienced, some of them friendly, and some of them unbelievably hot. All have been turned away. Damn economy...

Anyway, since "as well as I would have expected" in actuality isn't all that well, I need to get back to studying in order to kick ass on my written exam. Just wanted to give a little update on my life. See ya. :)

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Usually I don't post these kind of quizzes since I think that the dating ones usually have answers that any numbnut would already know, but this one seemed to suit me pretty well. The other night at work, I over heard Sully the busboy tell Micky the bartender that I have three different boys at work chasing after me. Now it sounds stuck up, but I already knew that. What I didn't know was that other coworkers were keeping track.  I heard one of the waitresses bud in with, "I bet she's going to chose Johnny" before I finally came around the corner and waltz by them. I saw her face in the mirror across the room completely freeze. It was kind of funny.
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06 May 2008 @ 12:23 pm
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This was the first online quiz that I ever took! Is it lame that I'm as psyched as I am that it's still there? Because I am TOTALLY psyched! It's been three years, and still I get the sexy result. :D

I just woke up from a nap. Last night I didn't get to bed until 1:30ish, and this morning I needed to wake up at 6:00 for my math class. Drowsiness made me go back to bed immediately afterward, but stupid integrity made me set my alarm clock. And now procrastination is making me write about it, lol. But...yeah, I need to work on another entry for my Novel Workshop. Since so many people dropped out,everyone is now required to turn in a second piece for critiquing since that is how our class time is mainly filled. I tried to write the first chapter of Standing Omissions, since I only turned in the prologue before,but...eh, well my usual thing happened. ^_^; I just didn't have enough time. Really, since the heads up came so late after my turn, I really found myself needing to write a much longer entry with a much smaller amount of time, and it just wouldn't fly. Especially since I had to restart three different times as a research police procedures for the opening scene. : / Nope, it just wasn't going to happen, so now I'm whipping up a quickie fake first chapter for a different story so that I'll still have something to turn in and not have to bastardize my main story. Another girl did that last week, it's allowed! And it has PIRATES! How could anyone dislike a story about pirates? 
Well anyway, I'm off to bang my head against the keyboard. Toot-a-loo.
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27 April 2008 @ 10:50 am
Last night for the first time I was "wired" at work. Muldoon's is a pretty spread out enviorment, so on Firday and Saturday nights when things get crazy, the managers, hosts, and security people all get hooked up with these Men in Black style comunication devices. It was awesome!  :D I carry a walkie talkie in my back pocket or hooked to my belt, and two wires go up under the back of my shirt. One draps over my ear to to fit a speaker into the canal, and the other, the microphone, can either be hooked to the callor of my shirt or go down my selve. If I ever see a fight in progress, I'm supposed to push the speak button and go, "CODE THREE, CODE THREE!" Usually we just use it for seating though. :)

Right now I'm heading toward the end of the semester Homework Crunch of Doom. Semester offically ends on the 25th of May. God that's soon. What happened to my year? Did someone steal it? If you did, I'll find you! Yeah, you better be scared!
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23 April 2008 @ 11:25 pm
Today sucked.
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17 April 2008 @ 10:52 am
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Rrrrr...I need a nap. -_-

Probably shouldn't be siting here taking online quizzes though, if I'm really all that tired.
Last night was a late one, followed up again by an early morning, thank you MATH. Today was an exam, so I had to devote as much time as possible last night to studying, and then as much time as possible to guzzling down caffeine to wake myself up this morning. It's starting to wear off right now, leaving me in a bit of a loopy mindset.
I'm siting here eating breakfast--lunch--brunch? Peanut Butter Crunch cereal, one of the very best breakfasts I know of. Some people say that it cuts up the inside of your mouth, but let's be honest. "Scrapes" is the better word. It's one of the few cereals that it's actually better to wait for the pieces to get somewhat soggy beforehand, so it's nice an' crunchy on the inside, gummy on the outside. The Captain Crunch people don't really advertise the Peanut Butter Crunch flavor much anymore, has anyone noticed that? When I went out looking for it, I was almost afraid that it wasn't being made anymore. Silly worry. They probably know that Peanut Butter Crunch lovers are loyal. I mean honestly, it cuts up scrapes your bloody mouth, and you STILL come back for more! We wouldn't take that shit from just any cereal. That in itself is the perfect advertisement. There is no way you can top, "Enjoy the Copper After Taste, Suckers, Have a Peanut-Buttery Day!"
It's just pointless.
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14 April 2008 @ 10:27 am
 "Procrastinating....procrastinating...Today, I am procrastinating...."

I have two french papers due today at 2:00. They're already written for the most part, I just need to edit them before printing and then everything will be set. To be honest, I didn't think that I'd actually finish both of them on time. We had three days to write two papers, both one and a half pages long, and I was working for two and going a day trip with the French Club for an unrelated assignment on the third. I didn't even start paper number two until after twelve last night! 
So...yeah, yay for me. xD 
I can't wait for this semester to end. The last time I said that, I think I was still in the single digit age group. Can't really explain it, just every year once summer starts to get close, I start thinking that the year has gone by too fast. "Go up a grade? What, already? Just got THIS one broken in. No, I'm not ready yet. You can't make me, I refuse. Go away! Screw you!---Damnit, it's July!"
This year though, that's all different. I am ready for the semester, with the 6:00 rising for math, and aggravating last minute homework scrambles, to end. I'm definitely ready. There are three highlights for my summer that have already been arranged: One being Anime Expo, Sean, Eva, and I are getting a hotel room in Los Angeles this year so that we'll be able to fully enjoy the dances held every night; Two, working (I'm still employed! My god, somebody up there loves me! :D); and finally, Three, my favorite--I'm going to Ireland! Awhile back my brother and a bunch of my cousins went over, and I stayed behind because I was too slow in the head to grab onto the chance when I could, so this year it's my turn. And I wont just be seeing Ireland either, I'll be stopping in England for a little while too. Excited? Try fucking "elated". 

Well, anyway, I should get back to those papers now. God knows how long editing my clumsy french will take. xD Until  my next procrastinating urge.
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